Rebecca H Truelsch Memorial Scholarship

Criteria: Any student who is graduating from high school  

and going on to college or has graduated and is now attending college, who has had to overcome obstacles in their life, such as: cancer, physical disabilites, mental handicaps, illness, accident or trauma, etc. and would like to further their education and help others.                                                                                                          Deadline: Must be postmarked By May 15th                                        Amount:  $ 500.00                                                                           Send To: Rebecca H Truelsch Memorial Scholarship                               C/O:  C. Truelsch                                                                               13819 Arrowhead Trail                                                                  Middleburg Hts., OH 44130                                                                      Info: call 440-864-0764 

Need to include application, acceptance letter from college attending, brief note from doctor verifying treatment if applicable and also recommendation letter from teacher, counselor or other.

E-Mail:                                                                 Given out: Annually to qualifying students

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